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Cross platform endpoint sensor and cloud stack. Take complete control of advanced detection and mitigation.

Emphasis on easy extensability, community integration and detection modules. Prototype, hunt and mitigate faster than ever before.

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Users of LimaCharlie

Founded by former members of the US intelligence & military community, Loki Labs' security engineers previously held elite, highly-specialized roles working in support of offensive and defensive cybersecurity efforts. As a result, the technical team possess unique training, experience, capabilities, and insight of the tools and tactics used by adversaries to gain access to targets of interest.
"In an endless sea of endpoint agents, LC stands head-and-shoulders above competing open-source and fee-based tools at a fraction of the operating cost. LC's APT detection, threat mitigation, and interoperability are best-in-class and this is why its our agent of choice."

Jigsaw Security is as much of a concept as it is a company. Combining strategic partnerships with the right engineers to provide best in class security software, consulting, management and delivery. Our team started in DoD consulting and Military service and still serves through the development of strategic partnerships with Government and Private Sector to keep industries safe from Cyber and Physical threats and challenges.

Live Malware Analysis performed thinking Out of the (Sand)Box.