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Backgrounds in the federal government, the intelligence apparatus, small and large companies means we're fully equipped to provide guidance for whatever business environment you're in. This, coupled with extensive experience in some of the most demanding security environments means we're uniquely suited to provide you with advice when you need the best.


We have been developing advanced solutions to hard problems. As you can imagine, we can't talk about most of these for privacy reasons. However, we've been open-sourcing some of the core components to give back to the community. Here are some of them:


Maxime's career has been centered around advanced computer attacks. He's worked for the Canadian Intelligence apparatus in functions ranging from development of cyber defence technologies through Counter Computer Network Exploitation and Counter Intelligence. Maxime led the creation of an advanced cyber security program for the Canadian government and received several Director's awards for his service.

Leaving the government, Maxime provided direct help to private and public organisations in matters of cyber defence and eventually co-founding Arcadia, architecting advanced cyber solutions. For the past few years Maxime has also been providing analysis and guidance to major Canadian media organisations. Maxime currently works for Google.


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